Cheap imports winning war of the roses

5 giugno 2010

Roses are not dead in Monterey and Santa Cruz counties. Not yet, not quite. But the bloom has been off the rose growing industry in the Monterey Bay region for a long time. nike air max pas cher The announcement earlier this week that 2G Roses, a family owned rose grower in the Pajaro Valley in North Monterey County has gone out of business, leaving a single grower remaining, wasn’t entirely attributable to a 1991 trade deal pushed by President George Bush (the 41st president, not the 43rd) and approved by Congress. ray ban pas cher The Andean Trade Preferences Act lifted tariffs and opened the door to cheap roses and cut flowers from South American countries. But the trade pact which was supposed to help South American countries stem the tide of illegal drug cultivation and sales started the downward slide of the rose business in the Monterey Bay area. nike air max nederland Acreage planted in roses dropped, and the overall value of the rose crop went with it. nike air max According to the cheap jerseys Monterey County crop reports, the $8.5 million in roses produced in 2004 represented about one third of the value reported in 1991, the year of the Andean trade pact. In Santa Cruz County, roses were valued at $24 million in 1991 but by 2005 it was less than half that. nike air max 2017 pas cher femme Dapoxetine 30 mg price In 2006, the Santa Cruz County agricultural commission stopped breaking out roses as a separate category and just put them in the same vase with other cut flowers. Goedkoop Nike Air Max 2017 Statewide, the number of cut rose producers dropped from more than 150 in 1991 to 25 in 2013. Under Armour UA Curry 1 And here’s the thorn that stings the most: Ninety eight percent of roses sold in the United States are imported. For 2G, cheap imports weren’t the final flower that ruined the entire bunch. For owners Eugene Tsuji and his sister Arlene, who ran the company started 41 years ago by their parents, an employee lawsuit and the lingering effects of the recession were the final blows. Nick Chubb Jerseys Although the company early on had begun online direct sales to consumers, rose growers in the state have been plagued by rising costs, government regulations, labor issues, the cost of energy, and slim margins. The one rose grower remaining of the once flourishing business in the Pajaro Valley is California Pajarosa, which is benefiting from adoption of hydroponics and hopes to find success in the movement to buy locally grown food and products. Most come from South America, especially Colombia. Under Armour UA Curry 2 While California flower growers struggling to survive, they’ve found little support in Washington, where global trade has long been a winning argument in Congress, which has approved a series of free trade agreements sought by the Obama administration.

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