The Senators return home on Monday night

7 settembre 2010

The Senators return home on Monday night to begin a seven game homestand. This is the first extended homestand for the Senators since the first week in June. The Senators welcome the affiliates of the Orioles and the Yankees to Metro Bank Park this homestand.

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For some reason, probably having to do with the cold weather that week, plus comforting thoughts of hot tomatoes mellowed with milk and my own memories of repeating Sunday night supper menus (at our house it was pancakes made by dad), the tomato stew really appealed. Plus here was another exceedingly economical supper. As Jill said, “If a family could make just a couple of these simple and cheap meals a week, it could really make a difference in their budgets.”.

Jimmy John’s sandwiches aren’t bad, but unless you’re in a big honking hurry, there’s not that much in them to bring you through the door on their own. The No. 2 “Big John” sub, which is a lot less big than you’d think from the name, is roast beef with “yummy mayo,” lettuce and tomato.

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He broke into the major leagues with St. Louis way back in 2004, and it was as a Cardinal that he became a household name to baseball fans, one of the greatest catchers of his generation.As he claimed his eight consecutive Gold Gloves from 2008 2015, Molina donned the birds on the bat. During each of his seven consecutive All Star appearances, the STL appeared prominently on his cap.

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