The Signs Of The Chinese Zodiac

10 agosto 2013

The Signs Of The Chinese Zodiac

There are twelve signs in the Chinese zodiac, each based on a different animal, and thought to possess traits characteristic of those animals.

Rat: The Rat is naturally social, and his charm and chattiness ensure he is always part of a large group of friends. Rats have difficulty hiding their emotions and tend to become aggressive or nervous when they are upset. Rats are bargain-hunters and are prone to sentimentality.

Ox: Strong and reliable, Oxes are highly moral and exceptionally tolerant of others. They are happiest when they stick close to home, and love being in the outdoors and usually maintain lovely gardens. Oxes tend to keep to themselves.

Tiger: The Tiger is a brave, unpredictable natural leader. Tigers can be very selfish at times, but they are also generous with everyone around them. Possessing a strong native intelligence and a competitive streak, Tigers seek excitement and the company read more of interesting people who will challenge them.

Rabbit: The Rabbit seeks peace above all, and will always appear calm on the surface, regardless of how he feels. Rabbits keep their problems to themselves, but are compassionate and always willing to help others. Sensitive and refined, Rabbits seek to possess all the finer things life has to offer.

Dragon: Dragons are dynamic, charismatic, and powerful. Others are often drawn to them and consider them to be leaders, although Dragons themselves prefer to go their own way rather than follow or lead others. They have fierce tempers and will not hesitate to defend themselves or those they love.

Snake: Snakes are the schemers, their instinctive cunning and cleverness always showing them a means to get what they want. Snakes are graceful, analytical, detail-oriented, and materialistic. They are gifted at making sense of confusion.

Horse: The Horse is funny and friendly, and best fiends hack cydia is happiest when he is surrounded by friends of all varieties. His open-mindedness and love of meeting others ensures his popularity wherever he goes. Being naturally energetic and adventurous, Horses often find themselves bored by routine.

Goat: Goats are very loving and nurturing people once you get beneath their quiet, reflective exteriors. While they are frugal, they are by no means cheap, and will happily sacrifice in order to have some of the finest, most expensive things they desire.

Monkey: The Monkey loves nothing more than a good practical joke. Clever, mischievous, and curious, they love to be challenged. Once a Monkey settles down, he is eternally loyal, but Monkeys tend to be rather promiscuous before they do so.

Rooster: The Rooster is blunt and trustworthy. Roosters are proud and can sometimes brag about themselves and their accomplishments, but they do not consider it bragging; they are gardenscapes cheats tool only being honest. Roosters are diligent and highly sociable.

Dog: The Dog is loyal and kind, always willing to listen and good at giving advice. Dogs are very empathic and because they become so invested in others’ lives, can sometimes be seen as nosy. While they are very honest, they are also slow to trust, and can sometimes be critical and cold as a defense.

Pig: The Pig is quick to indulge his vices, be they drink or food or even drugs, and would be wise to guard his health carefully. Pigs are responsible and fun-loving, and they tend to be big spenders. They are very peaceful and quite the social butterflies.

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